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Building a Stronger Future

Business Services

To help Jamati members establish businesses on a successful basis, and to encourage, foster and cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship within the Jamat.

Economic Services

To empower and support individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge required for gainful employment and long-term economic sustainability.

Financial Services

To keep the Jamat informed of economic developments, risks and opportunities and to promote financial literacy in the Jamat.


Learn more about upcoming initiatives and programs within the community.

Events & Webinars

Register and sign up for upcoming events, webinars and meetings in your local area.

Help Desk

Jamati business owners seeking immediate guidance and/or advice. Whether it’s a convenience store, cell phone store, laundromat, QSR, or hospitality business the Business Advisory Team (BAT) alongside with its subject matter experts are standing by to assist you in any of your business needs.